Wedding and Event Series (1/4)

Hey!! I’m so excited to share this new Wedding and Event series with you all! As the wedding season starts to kick into high-gear and people start to have their dinner/cocktail parties, I thought it would be perfect for me to share some wedding and event planning tips! 

I absolutely enjoyed the planning process for my wedding and hosting small get togethers at our house throughout the year. Last year, I earned a certification as a Wedding and Event planner from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  So I’ll be sharing a few tips to make your event flawless and sharing some events I’m planning this summer! 

I’ll also be sharing my wedding experience with you this month since me and Harrison’s anniversary is coming up soon (it was yesterday)! I tell my husband all the time that I wish we could relive the day again, and I’m so excited to stroll down memory lane with you all!

So much goes into an event, and of course a wedding, that I can’t possibly share everything, but here are some things to keep in mind when you’re planning your wedding or next event.

Now onto the first tip!


Literally think of your event or wedding day as a an blank canvas that needs your creative ideas to make it a masterpiece. Just like a beautiful work of art, it’s going to take time so don’t try to do everything at once.

Use Pinterest, magazines, museums, nature, or anything else for inspiration, but remain patient and think about what you want out of the event. This will allow you to have something to show to vendors at meetings so they can see your vision for your event. 

Don't forget to add a personal touch to your event. If you have a family tradition that you would like to incorporate or create your own traditions. Harrison and I, enjoy having date nights at the movie theater so we decided to incorporate that element into our wedding day with an Old Hollywood theme! 

Here is a link to a document I hope will start your planning process. Don't feel the need to answer all the questions, but use it to help guide you and create a beautiful work of art!

The pictures from this post is from our engagement session done by Kimie of IYQ photography.  Our first location was the Virginia Aviation Center in RVA. 

Check out tip #2 and our other engagement session locations on the blog coming soon! 


Shamara Hayes