Wedding and Event Series (3/4)


Budgets are so important, we all know that. But what’s more important is deciding what’s important to you. Let that determine the areas you want to spend the majority of your budget. Make a list of your top must haves!

For example: If you’re a bride and you care more about entertaining your guest than a beautiful photo, then don’t stress over something like flowers. This is much easier said than done, because if you’re planning your dream wedding, you want everything top-notch. But remember to save money where you can!

Budget friendly options #1: 

You can find really nice decor options at thrift stores and yard sales. Because of our vintage theme, I was able to find some nice vintage candle holders at our local thrift store (Fan Tastic Thrift store) for our ceremony. Once I found those I was on a Goodwill/thrift store binge :)

Candle holders pictured below: 

Budget friendly option #2: 

DIY- At every house party that I host I always try to do something creative.  For our housewarming a few years ago, I created cute centerpieces for each table. I used a few mason jars filled with rosemary and slices of lemons/limes with a candle on top.

Similar to this look: Inspired by Pinterest pictured below:  

The pictures from this post is from our engagement session done by Kimie of IYQ photography.  Our third location was Main Street Station. 

Check out tip #4 and our last engagement session location on the blog soon! 

Shamara Hayes