Wedding and Event Series (2/4)

EVENT/ WEDDING PLANNING TIP #2: Sort those amazing ideas

Get organized (make a list and check it twice) use checklists or electronic lists to try to help you stay on track with your to-do list and deadlines. 

I find it helpful to think of everything in increments, that way your not overwhelmed with trying to do everything at once. For example, if your wedding or event is a year away then  try to separate your  planning into  3 month timeframe. If your wedding or event is 6 months away then separate your planning into 3 weeks at a time. Here’s a great checklist from one of the top wedding planning websites, the knot.

Save the date: Choose your event date early! REMEMBER: You’re not the only one getting married or having a party. If you’re planning something during a popular time of year (spring, early fall or on a holiday) the earlier you put a deposit down to reserve your ideal space on your specified date, the better! 

Make sure you stay in constant communication with all the personnel involved in your wedding or event.  This way everyone will be on the same page at all times. You hired them for a reason so use their expertise. 

The pictures from this post is from our engagement session done by Kimie of IYQ photography.  

Tip #3 and other engagement pics coming soon! 

Shamara Hayes