San Francisco & Napa Valley Restaurants

We visited San Francisco in April 2018. This is a huge foodie city. All foodies should make the vacay here at least once. Here are a few of our favorite spots. 


Our first restaurant when we arrived was Starbelly in the Castro District. We sat outside on their outdoor patio which was beautiful. The whole restaurant had a relaxing vibe and the food hit the spot after a long travel. My food option was good but I enjoyed Harrison’s fried chicken po’boy a lot better. It was brunch time, so whats brunch without great cocktails. Drinks were made very well, and you could tell the ingredients used were FRESH. 

Harrison's drink :  Classic Mimosa with fresh OJ .  Shamara's drink :  Pimm’s Punch with homemade pimm's and light ginger beer.

Harrison's drink: Classic Mimosa with fresh OJ. Shamara's drink: Pimm’s Punch with homemade pimm's and light ginger beer.


On our second day we had dinner at Spruce, a restaurant serving up fine American food and unique cocktails. Inside was stunning, which is what you would expect from a Michelin star restaurant. We sat in the front near a fire place the music playing was hip hop which was really cool! We were the only people there for about an hour, which turned out to be really romantic.

We both aren’t huge fans of cauliflower but we tried their Cauliflower Velouté which was amazing!! Velouté, is just a ultra buttery white sauce. It was creamy, savory and definitely, a must try! Don't get too nervous about the egg yolk being in there once you stir everything up you'll forget it's there. Don't try and be cute or different by ordering the Chantenay Carrot Soup. The waiter was nice enough to let us try some, and the Cauliflower Velouté was way better.  

My food choice (Shamara) was the Spruce Burger on an English Muffin. This their staple item during happy hour, generous portion size and very delicious. The english muffin gives makes for a unique burger taste, but the price during happy hour is very reasonable! If you're looking for a good burger in San Fran, definitely give this a try.

My food choice (Harrison) was the Roasted Loch Duart Salmon. Loch Duart is an independent farm based out of Scotland. The salmon was prepared with leeks, turnips, and buerre rouge (which literally means red butter). Honestly, the dish was just okay and a little forgettable. The sauce really saved the dish, while it's a rather simple sauce to make, it add much need flavor to the salmon and veggies.  I would recommend trying something else given the price point. 

Finished the night with VERY well made cocktails:     GREYHOUND'S TOOTH  on left,  ABOUT THYME  on right

Finished the night with VERY well made cocktails: 



Buttermilk Biscuits to start with our tea

Buttermilk Biscuits to start with our tea

The next morning we took a four hour road trip to Yosemite national park. Before hitting the road went to Plow for breakfast. Truth is, this is probably one of the best breakfast cafes we’ve EVER been to. Just like with most places in San Francisco, we would highly recommend making a reservation. We went during the week, and it was still packed but they are known for having hours long wait times on the weekend. 

We both got the plow for breakfast, which has a little bit of everything: potatoes, eggs, choice of meat and pancakes. This is a really good choice if you want to try a little bit of everything. For our meat we choose their homemade chicken sausage. This was by far the best chicken sausage we had in San Francisco. All round the breakfast was great and very filling. After eating here, we noticed a trend with San Francisco restaurants: The serving sizes are huge!! There were several meals where we could have honestly shared a dish and been just fine. 


Rich Table

For our last dinner in San Francisco we ate at Rich Table, a one star Michelin restaurants newly added to the 2018 list.  The restaurant was hip, quaint, and the service was phenomenal! When we sat down and looked at the menu we couldn’t really decide what we wanted (and we saw a sister cooking) so we decided to get the chef tasting with wine pairing. With each pairing they brought a different entrée for each us, so essentially we got to try a variety of food and wine options 😊 

Kitchen Story

We finished up our San Francisco stay at another great breakfast spot. It was actually recommended to us by waitress at another restaurants.  So we checked to see if they had reservations and were lucky they had few spots left. 

Our drinks: Hot Chocolate on the left, Raspberry Lemonade on the right 

Our drinks: Hot Chocolate on the left, Raspberry Lemonade on the right 

My food choice (Shamara) was a Mascarpone Stuffed Deep Fried French toast with Chicken Mango Sausage, Eggs and Fresh Raspberry Lemonade. This is there signature dish, and it was very tasty, but very sweet. The French toast was big and the chicken sausage was massive, I think if I went here age I'd just get the chicken sausage and some eggs. The lemonade was LITERALLY the BEST I’ve ever had. I wish I could have taken a few jugs back home.


My food choice (Harrison) was the Frisco Benedict with chicken mango sausage and hot chocolate to drink. I thought the presentation was fantastic. What made the dish were the Eggs Benedict, which were cooked absolutely perfect. My only concern was the hollandaise, to me it was just too sour. I'm more of a spicy guy, and I think it would have been great get some heat with the sweetness of from the chicken mango sausage. Overall it was very good! 

IMG_0195 2.jpg

We also thought it was so cute how they presented our check to us!


Boon Fly Cafe

To start our first full day in Napa Valley, we ate at Boon Fly Cafe. Barn house style restaurant with classic breakfast options with their spin on unique breakfast eats. 

We started with the Boon Fly Donuts which was very light and yummy. 

The Restaurant at Meadowood

For our last night in Napa Valley, we went by far the best restaurant during the vacation: The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley. This is a 3 star Michelin restaurant and it an experience to remember! The service and pairing was superb. We ended up not taking any pictures of the food because we wanted to soak in everything, but trust me if you have a chance to go here take and experience the moment. 

Here is a list of the other restaurants we went to in San Francisco and Napa:

San Francisco: 

Hollywood Cafe

15 Romolo 



Napa Valley:

Heritage Eats

Grace's Table


Shamara Hayes