Our Favorite Neighborhood Spots: 1

Richmond, like most cities now, is changing. This, of course, has a lot of downsides (cost of living increases, gentrification. etc.) one upside, are the many great restaurants popping up. Where we live in Church Hill, there are some pretty great spots that we go to more than we should. Here are two of our favs.

Liberty Public House

Everyday we text each other during our break at work to figure out what's for dinner, and there are many times when we have every intention on staying in and cooking. But then reality hits and we say, let's just pick up something quick tonight. One of our go to spots when this happens is Liberty Public House. While this place is close to our house and the food is good, one of the main reasons we go here is the happy hour is everyday til 7pm (Craazyyy)! They also have specials depending on the day of the week which is pretty cool. Our go to’s:

Appetizer Option

Honey Chipotle Wings- These are the bomb!! I'm (Shamara) not a spicy person, but these are the right mix of sweet and spicy. Your hands will get messy while eating. Be careful on your first bite, the wings always come out hot (temperature). In addition to the Honey Chipotle wings, I typically get a house salad with their homemade vegan Caesar dressing. The salad is just mix greens, but what makes it is the dressing. Literally, it's the best Caesar dressing I've ever had and I usually end up taking most of Harrison's dressing. 

Honey Chipotle Wings

Honey Chipotle Wings

Entrée Option

Braised Beef Bowl- LPH has a lot of options for food, everything from Red Curry to Tacos on Tuesday. Really you can't go wrong with what ever you select, but during winter or if I'm (Harrison) really starving I'll get the Braised Beef Bowl. Honestly, sometimes it can be hit or miss depending on day, but when the beef is fresh, WHOA! The only word I can use to describe the taste is home.  The mash potatoes, carrots, onions, and cheese just makes me feel like I'm eating my mom's beef stew. Looking at the picture I'm not sure if it does it justice, but its a lot of food and you will likely be taking some home. For only $10 you can't beat it!

Braised Beef Bowl

Braised Beef Bowl

We don't have a picture of this, but make sure you get a side of cornbread. It really completes the meal and it's so yummy!

The Roosevelt

When we know we're going out for dinner and don't want to go too far, we make reservations at The Roosevelt (you will need them too, unless you don't mind sitting at the bar). So when we go out to most restaurants we order alcoholic beverages and the bartender mixes it with fake fruit syrup, we call these focktails (fake cocktails); fake ingredients, a tiny bit of alcohol, and lots of ice. The bartenders at The Roosevelt make COCKTAILS; really really really good cocktails! The bartenders know what they're doing and make a perfect blend every time! Just tell the waiter what type of liquor you prefer, and they will suggest something for you on their speciality cocktail menu.

From Right to Left: Danville Rattlesnake- Perfect blend of bourbon and smokiness! Ain’t Easy- very light and refreshing with a surprising green pepper taste. Davy Grog- For the Rum lovers!


Hope to see you around the neighborhood!

Shamara Hayes