Gender Reveal

Color scheme: Orange, green, with hints of pink and blue


All of the beautiful signs made by @artsycrafdei 

Welcome sign, old wise tale sign and gender tally vote sign!

I wanted to have hints of pink and blue in the decor so I wrapped clear silverware with pink or blue napkins tied with a jute twine


What’s a Fiesta celebration without a Taco and Nacho bar!


Mocktail frozen margarita, just add Sprite! 

Lemonade in large mason jar dispensers

Tea in multi colored dispenser


Outside decor 

The deck was the perfect back drop to take pics in front of.  Streamers wrapped around the deck with balloons along with sign made by @artsycrafdei

Streamers wrapped around the trees near the gender reveal location. Piñata filled with either pink or blue candy!

It's a boy!! Everyone was so happy to FINALLY find out what the gender will be!

Time for Dessert!

Vanilla cupcakes and Sopapilla cheesecake. Made by @artsycrafdei


Sombrero shaped vanilla cookies!! Made by @artsycrafdei

So excited for them and happy to be apart of their new journey! 

Shamara Hayes