Beau Life


Hi I'm Shamara Monét Hayes, I was born, raised and currently reside in RVA (Richmond, VA). My husband and I live in the Church Hill area with our dog Milo. During the day or night I work at a local hospital as a nurse.

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Few of my favs: sweat treats,  movie night, decorating our home, binge watching a good series, hanging out with family and friends, traveling with my husband and of course shopping. 

Growing up, I loved looking through magazines at the newest clothes and trends of the season. For the past few years, I have enjoyed looking at different fashion blogs for inspiration. That has inspired me to share my fashion and lifestyle tips with you!


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Beau is french for beautiful. I hope that my blog will inspire you live life beautifully. Some days in life are cloudy and difficult, but one day does not define an entire life. I always try to recognize the beauty in life's difficulties and I'm grateful to share my life experiences with you. 

Even cloudy days are beautiful, 

-Shamara Monét

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 Thank you so much: